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2024 President
Dave Peshlakai


IJRA Board Members

 Vice President 

Ivan Becenti


Kayla Bia


Central Entry System (CES)

Kayla Bia

Staff Assistant

Darlene Peshlakai

(505) 870-6969


IJRA Event Directors

Timed Event Director 

Delton Begay

Rough Stock Directors 

Dwayne Henio Sr.

(505) 713-1901

Judges Director 

Alfredo Stevenson

(970) 270-0922

Timers Director

Thelma Johnson


Alfredo Stevenson

Avery Jodie

Delton Begay

Alfred Bates



Thelma Johnson

Marla Begay

Fern Spencer

BK Bates

Roxanne Yazzie

Leah Benally

Stock Contractors

Rough Stock

Jacob Custom Buckers

Running B5 Rodeo Stock

Cheii Yazh Productions

Timed Event 

Willie Cattle Co.

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