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Miss IJRA Queen
Lani Martinez


Welcome our newly elected MISS IJRA 2022-2023 Lani Martinez.

Yà’àt’èèh shí dineè, shí ei Lani Martinez yíínishe. Adoonèè igíí eì tò’heed’gliníí niishe, kààshchiin bushishchíín, tsènaabiłhníí daashicheii dòò tòbahàà daashinaalíí. Shíma eí Marla Benally wolyè.


Hi everyone, my name is Lani Martinez and I’m a part of the Water Flows Together clan, Red Bottom clan, Sleeping Rock clan, and Water Edge clan. I am 18 years old and I attend Del Norte High School in Albuquerque. I spend most of my time doing outdoor activities, which include basketball, softball, and team roping. I’ve been involved with a variety of sports that require different areas of athleticism and commitment. Furthermore, leadership and communication have always been my main priority throughout my athletics and academics. I will put in the same determination for my job as IJRA queen. For me, to be IJRA queen, is to become a role model for the native youth who look up to me and the older cowgirls and cowboys in this association. Lastly, I will be a great communicator and representative for the Indian Junior Rodeo Association. 


Thank you so much for electing me as your new IJRA queen, and now let’s have a fun, safe rodeo season!

Former IJRA Rodeo Queens:

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